About attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

It is a condition that shows its symptoms at the age of 6 years and before. It can occur due to neurobiological and environmental effects without the influence of families and teachers. The social success of the child in school and daily life may be adversely affected. When parents and teachers observe their children, they may come with these two complaints: our child cannot concentrate or our child cannot stand still. ADHD can be examined under two headings as attention deficit and hyperactivity impulse disorder. Child with attention deficit; *Makes mistakes all the time without focusing on details. * Has trouble keeping his attention steady and protecting it. *Gives the impression of not listening. * Has difficulty following the given instructions. * Has difficulty in organizing and making plans. * Avoids busy work and homework, does not want to do it. * He constantly loses his belongings. * Easily distracted. * Forgets or has difficulty in daily chores. The person who has the problem of Hyperactivity and Impulsivity; *cannot stand still, hands and feet are constantly moving. *has difficulty in sitting in a fixed place for a long time. * is very active as a child, has difficulty standing still in adulthood. *has difficulty in focusing quietly on a task and staying still. *talks more than normal *answers before the other person’s conversation ends, can’t wait *has problems with things to be done in order when he has to wait. *Can’t wait while others are talking, interrupts him/her.

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