about anal sex

It is not a healthy and suitable choice for both partners to have “anal intercourse” in sexual intercourse between men and women (heterosexual intercourse) without experiencing vagina-penile union (penetration-darkness). In the role of femininity, which the woman misconstrues/perceives as “fear of losing the man whose virginity will deteriorate, that she thinks she cannot control her sexual desire and desire, and sexuality as a way of pleasing the man / living what she wants”, the man’s desire for sexual intercourse “besides the fear of deprivation of virginity,” This situation, which is experienced with the misconception of “proving one’s masculinity” as “to have a woman’s possession and to ensure her loyalty”, causes serious sexual dysfunctions and traumas in both sexes. Whereas; Just as “virginity”, which is an important tool of female sexuality taught and suppressed by society and its traditions, is understood through medical examination, the fact that “anal intercourse” is unfortunately only learned after being the subject of sexual assault and rape, is legally penal law. It should be noted that it can also be understood by medical examination, which entered the literature with the name “actual sodomy”.

The exaggerated and distorted view of this thin layer at the entrance of the vagina called the “hymen”, which is perceived as a sign of whether the woman has had sexual intercourse before or not, so to speak, remains “honest and clean”, which has a different shape and flexibility in every woman, both women and men alike. Unfortunately, believing that and developing an obsession/obsession about it spoils the nature of sexual life. After experiencing the natural, primary sexual intercourse, vagina-penis, but with the mutual desire and harmony of both partners, the secondary role in sexual intercourse, “anal sex”, where the pleasure will vary from partner to partner in order to have a different experience in sex, like other different fantasies. Of course, it may be a choice to diversify life, but it should never be preferred over vagina-penis union or “an experience to be had instead of first sexual intercourse”. If you have a regular partner / spouse, in any process of your relationship with him or before marriage, this and etc. Sex therapy for your sexual questions and problems, individual sexual counseling even if these conditions have not occurred yet, is extremely important for a healthier/ more harmonious and balanced sexual life.

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