Abdominoplasty and curiosities


Deformities and sagging in the abdomen after birth and weight changes are corrected by fat suction and/or tummy tuck surgery.

For whom is it done?

Those who have deformities in the abdominal region that cannot be removed by conservative methods (slimming, cavitation, fat absorption, etc.).

Will the location of my belly button change?

The sagging and deformed belly button is shaped and moved to its original place.

Will there be any traces?

Yes. In those with cesarean section scars, this scar is in the form of a line extending along the bikini line, with a slight extension to both sides. Sometimes there may be a short scar that cuts this line perpendicular to the midline.

How is the surgery done?

Under general anesthesia, excess tissue is removed, the loosened abdominal wall is tightened and the belly button is moved to its new location. The duration of the operation is 2-3 hours. Drains are removed after 4-5 days. The patient uses an abdominal corset for 1 month. Since the body posture and dynamics of the patient are improved due to the shaping made on the anterior abdominal wall, back and low back pain, if any, may be reduced. For this reason, tummy tuck surgery is functional as well as aesthetically beneficial.

What are the complications?

In addition to undesirable situations that may arise for any surgery, smokers may have wound healing problems.

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