Abdominoplasty (Abdominoplasty)

Sagging and cracks in the abdominal skin after birth or weight gain
done to fix it. With this operation, excess skin and fat tissue is removed, the belly button is placed where it should be.
moved and the abdominal muscle is repaired. An incision of approximately 25-30 cm is made in the area where the cesarean scar is. of the person
Liposuction (fat removal) can be added according to the need. This operation is only about skin and adipose tissue.
It is surgery, no intervention is made to the organs in the abdomen. surgery general anesthesia
done under. It takes about 3-4 hours. After the operation, you stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 nights.
A corset should be worn for 2-3 weeks after the operation. Smoking 2-4 weeks before the operation
should be left. For 1 week after the operation, the patient should walk while leaning. Your wife
It is recommended that at least 2 years pass after the stretching surgery to get pregnant again. new birth
It is appropriate to wait 1 year for a tummy tuck operation in women who have had a tummy tuck.
Thigh Lift
In cases where there is excessive weight gain or loss in the inner leg area or excessive skin accumulation due to structural reasons, this
The operation to remove the skin is called thigh lift. It can be combined with other operation. Generally, liposuction
is added. The operation scar is usually suitable for the groin area, but as it may go down a little over time.
It can be seen through swimsuits and underwear. In case of excessive skin excess, it continues on the inner part of the thigh.
It will be a trace. It is done with general anesthesia.
Arm Lift
The surgical removal of excess skin on the inside of the arm is called brachioplasty. skin on the inside of the arm
If the excess is not too much, improvement can be achieved with liposuction. However, if there is a lot of excess skin, removal of the skin
must. In this case, a trace remains throughout the removed area. The operation is performed with general anesthesia. Usually a
overnight in the hospital. Post-operative pain is not too much. Although it is a traced operation
the results are encouraging.
Genital Aesthetics
Large or drooping lips outside the vagina, called labium, complain of women of all ages.
a situation where it can happen. Unmarried or born after recurrent births
It can also be seen in young girls who have not done it. In general, patients complain of a feeling of friction and discharge.
Sexual life may also be affected due to the deterioration of the aesthetic appearance. Operation
It can be done with local anesthesia or sedation. It usually takes 1 hour. Self-melting seams
Since it is used, there will be no problems with stitches after the operation. Healing takes about 1 week.
This operation does not harm the hymen, childbirth, orgasm or sexual intercourse. 4 weeks after surgery
Afterwards, you can have sexual intercourse. Problems in sexual life in cases of excessive enlargement of the vagina
can occur. In these cases, tightening is provided by vaginoplasty operation. enlargement
In cases where it is not too much, tightening is also provided with laser.

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