Abdominal aesthetics (abdominoplasty)

Due to various reasons (eg pregnancy) weight gain and loss, sagging skin in the abdominal region and sometimes cracking occur. Although it is possible to lose weight by dieting and doing sports, it is not possible to correct skin laxity and sagging with these methods. With these methods, it is possible to lose weight from the body in general, not from the desired areas. In order to correct the sagging and excess fat in the abdomen, removal of these excesses, that is, tummy tuck surgeries, can be applied.

A smooth abdominal wall can be obtained by correcting the loosening and ruptures in the muscle layers of the abdominal wall during tummy tuck surgeries. As in women who have had a cesarean section, the scar is tried to be left at the pant-bikini level. The length of this scar extends to the sides depending on the patient’s obesity and the amount of sagging. During this surgery, it is possible to obtain a harmonious image in the entire abdominal region by removing excess fat from the abdomen, hips and waist area by liposuction (with vacuum) method. This surgery area can be expanded and liposuction can be applied to the leg area in the same surgery. It is not possible for the fats given by these methods to accumulate in the same areas.

After the pregnancy period comes the period of rapid weight loss. This surgery can be performed after the rapid weight loss period. Patients are kept in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. It is beneficial to wear a corset for a few weeks in order to prevent edema (water collection) that may occur in the abdominal region in the early period. Patients can return to working life after resting for about a week.

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