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Genital Aesthetics

Our genital organs, like the muscles and tissues in other parts of our body, may not make us happy due to genetics, heredity, birth and aging.

Genital aesthetics covers the aesthetic and functional correction of the vagina, inguinal region and vaginal lip disorders. It covers the reduction of the inner labia of the vagina, repair and reduction of the outer lips, clarification of the upper triangular area, which we call the pubic region, and vaginal narrowing or operations.

Genital beautification and vaginal aesthetic operations, which cannot be expressed much, affect a person’s life considerably.

Why vaginal aesthetics?

Uncontrolled surgical incisions during vaginal delivery, known as normal birth, ruptures due to trauma while the baby is coming out, irregular healing and muscle relaxation after or due to aging, increased hormonal irregularity and decreased estrogen levels and genetic structure in some women.

There are solutions for all kinds of problems, from color to size (there are deformities that can start from 2 cm and up to 6 cm and above), from width to narrowness. Pre-Operation Interview In the interview, first of all, your current complaints and post-operative expectations are evaluated. You will be informed about the details of the operation. Age of Operation It can be applied to any woman. The most important point we take as a basis here is the completion of body development, this is often around the ages of 18-20. Inner and outer lip operations do not harm the hymen. It does not prevent pregnancy, sexual intercourse and orgasm. Preparation for Operation Time Aspirin and derivative drugs are discontinued one week before the operation. (Do not stop the medication you are constantly using without consulting your doctor) It is recommended not to use cigarettes for a while before and after the operation, it impairs tissue healing. It is important that you come to the hospital hungry and thirsty for 6-8 hours on the day of the operation, wear comfortable clothes and leave your jewelry at home. You should be in the hospital about an hour before the operation. When you come to your reserved room, you will be given an oral medication if you wish, and this will relax you. Operation Technique For inner lip size; The labia minora are reduced using an S incision to prevent linear contracture. For outer lip size; An S incision and/or fusiform tissue removal is made. For pubis (groin) size; Pubis removal or tissue removal is performed. For small inner lip or outer lip; These deformities are less common. Fat injection applications are made. Additional fat injection can be added after 6 months. Most of the patients stated that sexual intercourse was both easier and more enjoyable when oil injection was applied. Vaginal tightening; A piece is removed from the back wall of the vagina. Since absorbable sutures are used, there is no need for suture removal. Type of Anesthesia Aesthetic vagina operation is usually performed under local anesthesia and sedation. Vaginal tightening is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Operation Time Depending on the size of the process, it takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Recovery Process The patient is discharged on the same day, regular dressing and regional hygiene are given importance. You can return to your daily life after the operation. Since absorbable sutures are used, there is no need for suture removal. Antibiotics are used for a week. There is no serious pain. During the first month, sexual intercourse and bathing in the bathtub are not recommended. A warm shower can be taken on the 2nd day after the operation. vem

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