A type of violence; stalking

Although the root of the word stalking is English, it means ‘to haunt, to haunt, to cling to, to cling to…’ in Turkish, but it did not have an official place in TDK. But in our daily life, the spoken language has gained a place among the people. If the general definition is to be made; It is defined as the tendency to follow a person or people persistently or to gather information, either openly or secretly, by using or using social media.

If we define violence by the World Health Organization; It is defined as the indication of physical power that is intentionally or unknowingly applied to another person and the possibility of causing or causing psychological harm, especially injury, death, suicide in the person or people who are exposed to it.


1-) Violence Against Women

2-) Violence Against Children

3-) Violence Against Elderly

4-) Peer Violence

5-) Violence Between Siblings

6-) Dating Violence

7-) Violence Against Persons with Disabilities

😎 LGBTI Violence

9-) Refugee Violence

10-) Violence Against Oneself


: 1-) Physical Violence

2-) Sexual Violence

3-) Emotional Violence

4-) Economic Violence

5-) Cyber ​​Violence Cyber ​​Violence: It is defined as the state of harming by using digital tools and equipment in digital environments.

Why did I define violence and write its types? Because: I wanted to write the definition and types of violence because it is in a category of cyber violence, which is considered very ‘normal’ but not well known. The subject I am dealing with is a kind of cyber violence.

When we examined the outcome of Pınar GÜLTEKİN’s case, the criminal secretly followed Pınar, gathered information about where she went and what she was doing. While doing this, she took advantage of social media and killed Pınar with a brutal murder that took place at the end. In the Pınar GÜLTEKİN case, there is a stalking situation in which it is seen that stalking has a relationship between femicides and violence. It is seen that the criminal applied many types of violence to Pınar, from physical violence to cyber violence. So what do you think was the result? The criminal was not punished as a criminal, and the verdict of release was issued in the case. And why? Who is guilty here? The decision that came out as a result of this lawsuit surprised the Turkish people. No one thought that such a release would be granted in such a case, however, the deficiency in Turkish Law is like Özgecan ASLAN, Ceren DAMAR ŞENER and many others…

What is this deficiency in Turkish law and why is the law on this subject necessary? We know that laws are important for the society in terms of continuity and sustaining their lives in unity and togetherness. The reason for wanting to enact a law on this issue is to prevent murders and violence due to stalking, to be able to determine this situation in a way (if necessary, by developing special programs) and to put a stop to violence and murders by providing early intervention to prevent murders and violence. As long as a voice is not raised about this situation, neither murders nor violence will cease. Awareness should be raised for this and a separate law should be enacted just for this issue in Turkish Law, just like in England and Denmark, and deterrent penalties should be avoided. In Turkey, it has been decided that the person who suffers from this situation can be the victim of persistent pursuit and can be taken to protection, through the Law No. 6284 on the Protection of the Family and the Prevention of Violence.

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