A Report for Families

Today is an exciting day for children as well as an exciting day for families. Because every parent wants their child to be successful and to bring “documents”. Because other people will ask themselves “what did your child bring, is there a document this year!” they will ask, and they want to stretch their chests and say, “Of course there is”. Right here, I can’t help but ask this question; Do we keep pushing throughout the year asking our children to bring documents, is it for our children’s success or to satisfy our own egos? I want you to stop and think about this question.

Yes, today is an exciting day. Our children will be given a certificate based on the lessons they have learned during the term. How much influence does the child’s family have on this document? Well, it has a little effect, of course, I hear you say. Let’s see if it has little or a lot of impact. How do we understand this? We will understand from the answers to the questions that families ask in their inner world. If families want to see how much of an impact they have on the report card, I advise them to ask themselves the following questions:

Do I know the name and surname of my child’s class teacher?

Even if I don’t know your last name, do I know your name?

Do I know the name and surname of the school principal?

How many times I went to my child’s school without his knowledge, that is, by surprise him, (see I say surprise because usually the parent will know that the child will come to the school and these visits are usually parent meetings)

How many times have I visited the principal and teacher of the school during the semester?

Do I know which floor of the school my child is on?

Do I know which grade of school my child is in?

I know how many names of my child’s friends,

Which lesson does my child like the most and why?

Is there any lesson that my child does not like, if any, what is the reason?

When my child came home, did I ask questions such as “How was school, let me see what subjects you covered today”,

AND MOST IMPORTANT, sit next to our child. Yes, how many times did we sit next to him and create a mother-child father-child relationship outside of school and ask “how are you today, how are you feeling, is there a problem you have trouble solving?” or did we feel

Indeed, if we ask ourselves these questions before looking at the report card and give ourselves a report card based on the answers we will receive from ourselves, we will prevent many negative consequences that may occur.

Let’s not forget that it is the families who raise the children who fail in their lessons, the child who is successful in their lessons, the child who does not want to go to school, the child who never wants the school to be a holiday, the child who runs away from school, and the child who rushes out of the house to go to school as soon as possible.

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