A Global Trauma-Pandemic

Recently, we are facing a global problem – a pandemic. All the world do the same
lives and worries. where you are from, where you live, who you are,
status doesn’t matter. A time when everything is reset…
In my opinion, it is the beginning of a new era where we forget what we know, where the balance of power changes.
We are going through a period that will happen. I’m not saying it to be creepy; also this
We can also see the period as a period of purification and growth.
The world, which we have despised for years, is physically purified these days.
apparent; our inner purification, our adaptation; gaining from this difficult process
It can help us get out.

Trauma and Pandemic
Unexpected, sudden, challenging and deeply affecting life
events we call trauma. From this perspective, Pandemic; It is a global trauma. But here,
There is no event that has happened, so the pandemic is an ‘ongoing global trauma’ for now.
We can take it as
The most important criterion of trauma is that the person experiences it as trauma and
is the meaning. Because this situation differs from person to person. same thing everyone
may not experience it as trauma.

In order to come out of the influence of what we perceive as trauma, we must first create negative reactions.
We need to accept our open feelings. Reactions to trauma, “abnormal situation”
are normal responses; For a while, these responses are expected and compatible with life.

On the other hand, although it is a global trauma, as in other traumas, everyone
The process of experiencing and making sense of trauma works differently. So traumatic
After the process has passed, the effects it leaves may be different from each other.

We can see the reactions given after trauma in 3 different ways.
1.After the negative life event; fearful, anxious, depressed or shocked,
frozen, disconnected from the moment, etc. as traumatized; post traumatic stress disorder
People with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) may experience the following.
hyperarousal, startle easily, frequent disturbing memories of the event and nightmares
repetition, insomnia, increase in anxiety and anger levels, inability to return to daily life,
Symptoms such as inability to think about the future can be seen.
2. Maintaining our resilience, resisting, staying in balance and continuing in our current order
we can. Like being able to continue life normally after a trauma.
3. You can experience positive psychological changes after the trauma, by getting stronger, growing, new
We can get out by gaining perspectives. This is called traumatic growth.
traumatic growth; rooted in the fact that the traumatic event made the person stronger than before,
clear, positive changes.

In fact, it is what emerges in our infrastructure. Already signaling when in normal routine
our symptoms and problems may come to light.
Our childhood traumas (neglect, abuse, etc.), our distorted perceptions of ourselves
(I am inadequate, worthless, etc.), our beliefs and values, our upbringing, the way we live
Our philosophy of perspective is the main factor that determines our response to trauma.

Yes, some of us come out of trauma stronger. People who will experience post-traumatic growth
When we look at it, we can observe the following:
o They question the things they worry about in life and find themselves the main problems.
o They question their life goals and lifestyles and raise awareness.
o They are willing to change and are not afraid to yawn.
o They are open to new ideas.
o They immerse themselves in the flow of life.
They stay in the moment and flow.
o They notice and feel their emotions; they do not ignore.
o They see their needs and meet them or let someone else meet them.
They establish bonds of love and trust.

As can be seen, after a negative life event, positive psychological changes and
It is also possible to experience gains. Gaining new perspective, gaining personal power,
such as gaining existential value, changing priorities.
But it takes willingness and effort.
Moving Towards Traumatic Growth
We are faced with an ongoing negative life event that has not yet ended. The first thing is the situation
negative feelings and thoughts caused, the threat we perceive, the outgoing
the break in our lives; to accept and understand without denying, suppressing, ignoring
must work so that the biggest obstacle to traumatic growth is freed
you will be. Inquiry phase to rebuild after breakage
starting. Quickly reconsider everything you believe in, trust, defend.
you are having. Rotten beliefs in your life philosophy (success, power, ambition, intimacy, relationships,
world perception…) you start to sort out. At this stage, it is necessary to rebuild the destroyed life.

It takes extra power and energy to configure it. In your own structure, useful,
New ones come next to healthy and functional traits, beliefs, and skills. A kind of
You will be upgraded or updated.
If the pandemic ends, a stronger structure will emerge than before.
If you have removed it, it means that you have survived this process and experienced a traumatic growth.
I hope so…
With love

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