A dose of coffee is good for the heart…

Many of us love to drink coffee…

There are many among you who say that I haven’t had my coffee yet, I can’t come to my senses 🙂

An article written in 2018 says (FABAD J. Pharm. Sci., 43, 3, 279-28

9, 2018) coffee has been used in folk medicine to locally treat purulent wounds, inflammation of the larynx or mouth.

Yes, coffee is an antioxidant-containing food item, it relaxes the stomach. Caffeine is a pleasurable and stimulating substance. There is a study that has been carried out since 1948 with more than 5000 people; A cup of coffee every day is good for cardiovascular health… Then if you haven’t had coffee today and you don’t have a health problem that prevents you from drinking coffee, bon appetit in advance.

NOTE: Don’t forget to drink 1 glass of water with you 🙂

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