A dieting classic

Ayşe decides to go to a dietitian. She is very excited and also curious, she wants to know how the process will work. In the first meeting with the dietitian, he asks all the questions in his mind, gets his list and leaves the meeting.

Ayşe is very confident in herself, she is sure that her dietitian, whom she thinks she has a good communication with, wants to help her in every way, so she starts to implement the list.

Everything is going very well. Contrary to the diet perception, Ayşe is never hungry; It is not as difficult as he expected. He attends a meeting at the invitation of his friends/neighbours. While the food/drink offerings did not attract Ayşe’s attention, one of them said, “Where is your plate, why didn’t you buy anything?” says she. Ayşe does not want to say that she is on a diet first, maybe she is guessing what will come after her, she says “I came full, thank you”. Ayşe, who was relieved that the first defense was light, without realizing the danger, a hand reaches her shoulders from behind and says, “Ayse girl, look at me, you seem to be floating, or are you on a secret diet from us?” says she. Ayşe is nervous, Ayşe is weary, Ayşe repeats her sentences with a look as if to say I have fallen into a damn situation.” I’m just full, I don’t want it.” Ayşe, who is already struggling with herself, realizes that she is starting to get more and more difficult with insistence over and over again. She leaves the scene a little early and throws herself home, she. She thinks she got over it well, she goes to sleep thinking about the result she wants to get on the next day’s date.

It was time for an appointment, Ayşe made her meeting with excitement and got a good result. He happily attends another friend’s meeting that day. Now I can do it somehow, thinking that I don’t need to hide it, so he shares the situation with his friends. This very special secret, which circulates in a way that is almost unknown, begins to spread from one language to another, and Ayşe is exposed to sentences such as “You can’t eat a little, it’s okay, you can’t be healthy by not eating.” – Let me state that the word is out of the assembly right here, hmm okay, I have guaranteed myself, I can continue.

Ayşe starts not to participate in the events, because she thinks that no one understands her, she is just trying to direct her, she is justifiably disturbed by this, she takes part in less interviews than before. As her friends saw her, she started to weaken, because they came to us with sentences saying, “She doesn’t pass us anymore, she refuses us, so as not to offend her again, when she goes to an invitation, a friend of hers in the environment says, “Ayse, you are very drained, your face is very sunken” and thus the topic of the next dietitian appointment is clear. has been. Ayşe unhappily tells her visitor and dietitian that she is on an unhealthy diet and that people who see it from the outside make comments like your face collapsed. Yes, it finally happened, and Ayşe’s motivation slowly began to decline. The next week, Ayşe comes back without losing weight, even gaining weight, even though there are no illegal moves. Because Ayşe is stressed and unhappy. For several weeks, she and her dietitian try to regain her motivation, Ayşe, meanwhile, Ayşe’s target time has already been exceeded, which has started to create beliefs in Ayşe that I can’t, I can’t. Ayşe recovers in time in terms of her faith, continues believing that she can do it again, the process goes very well for a few weeks, Ayşe loses as much weight as she wants, wears the clothes she wants to wear, and attends the meetings she resisted for a long time. Her friends, who haven’t seen her for a long time, look at her with admiration and surprise and say, “What have you done, you look very healthy/fit?” How did you do it, she, tell us too, she says, as if it never happened in the process…

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