A Diary on the Way of Finding Yourself

There was a general state of disappearance. I didn’t know myself, I didn’t know what I wanted. I was being tossed from place to place by events. I had no connection with my body, my soul, my mind. I couldn’t feel anything, I couldn’t find any existential meaning. I was so confused and couldn’t find my own way. I was looking but I was at a dead end. I was looking for myself everywhere, in everything, in everyone. ‘Who was I? What was my way? Was there such a thing as a road?’ nice i didn’t even know that. I have tried so many things; I was just saying ‘this suits me’, it was as if I was inside, then I was shaken again. ‘No, that’s not it either.’ was happening. The fact that I went through the identity-finding process at this age, which I should have solved during adolescence, was heavy on one hand.

Adolescents’ identity crises (the process of forming their ideas of who they are) are likened to a person in the store trying to find a suitable dress. I was going through the same process. But I had to admit; It was the misfortune of our generation to be late.

I was not aware of the pattern of belief that was causing this loss and confusion; nor that these beliefs are so important.

And after all this, when the time came, the essence I got was this; thoughts are mental objects. You create a life in line with what you choose to believe. However, if you immerse yourself in events and let them and your environment determine your thoughts, you will lose control of your life. You can choose your thoughts, what and how to think. If you stay away from thoughts that harm you and are close to thoughts that will carry you to success and happiness, your life will be shaped positively and in accordance with you.

In this sense, you should notice the thought patterns that you have unconsciously created without your knowledge until now, and replace them with those of your own choices. Thus, he takes control of his life; You don’t get carried away by events and people.

My suggestion; Review your thought patterns on relationships, family, work life, yourself, etc. Those who will make you advantageous in life, let them stay; replace the others with new ones and watch what happens..!

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