A Critical Look at the Pandemic Process


Let’s think about the process we are in together today. As I mentioned in my previous article, the Covid-19 pandemic has become a reality that is at the center of our lives. We all have different experiences in the same reality. The restrictions and the quarantine process during the 8-month period gave us all experiences and emotions that we have never experienced before. While various awarenesses were formed in some of us, it caused collapses in some of us. some

The feeling of longing for someone went beyond being a word and found meaning, some got what they were longing for. The life of each of us was divided into two as before the epidemic and after the epidemic. At some point, there were those who changed their perspective on life and the purpose of living. This issue can be viewed from two different angles.

Now, let’s visualize an Ahmet Bey in our minds. Ahmet Bey is 45 years old. He is married and has a son. He has devoted himself to his family all his life, to ensure that his wife and child can live a comfortable life.

struggled; He is a father who works double shifts when necessary, leaves the house early in the morning and returns home late in the evening, and does his best to support his house and educate his child. Since his workplace was closed during the pandemic process, Ahmet Bey started to spend his days at home. Thanks to this, Ahmet Bey and his family had time to spend time together after many years. Ahmet Bey thinks that he has been a very good father and wife until now. Because he lived and worked for his family for years. Although staying at home was good for Ahmet Bey and his family at first, conflicts started to arise between them over time and these problems increased day by day. Contrary to appearances, neither Ahmet Bey’s family nor his family have been able to recognize Ahmet Bey over the years. Ahmet Bey could not realize that while meeting the physical needs of his family, he also had emotional needs. Because of this, emotional disconnection occurred in the family. Since the family members and Ahmet Bey had very different expectations from each other, they started to have problems in understanding each other, and a war of justification broke out. As a result of the events experienced, Ahmet Bey felt a deep sadness, he became withdrawn and began to not communicate. In this process, Ahmet Bey has only one question in mind; What have I lived for until now? The life he lived for Ahmet Bey no longer had any meaning. The pandemic has taken away his job, his family, and left him alone.

Now, let’s picture Feride Hanım in our minds. Feride Hanım is 48 years old, married and has 2 children. She is a woman who got married at the age of 21, became a mother at 22, has been working every day since her marriage and is struggling for life with her husband. livelihood of his house

In order to be able to provide for her and to help her family, she started to work by weaning her breastfed baby and entrusting it to her mother, and raised her second baby in kindergartens. His life has always been a struggle for life and the burden of not being with his children while they are growing up has remained on his shoulders. Since the institution he worked for during the pandemic period switched to the remote working system, his wife, himself and his children had the opportunity to spend a long time together at home for the first time in years. This situation, which was very pleasant to family members at first, has become a process in which conflicts and resentments occur over time. However, at the end of each resentment, family members began to express themselves better to each other. They realized that they lived in the same house for years as strangers to each other, in a closed box, and in this process, they gave the opportunity to get to know each other. They have begun to fill the gaps formed over the years, to heal their own wounds, and the ice that has formed so far has begun to melt and the borders set have begun to be crossed. The emotional void that Feride Hanım has created for years has begun to fill. She realizes that she can establish a warm and loving bond with her children. In this process, they have attained the family environment they have longed for. The pandemic period has been a period for Feride Hanım when she discovered the meaning of her life, realized that life should not be spent just by working, and that her family and her own inner satisfaction were more important. She is focused on spending her next life based on this awareness.

Yes, two different lives, two different stories… Yet each of us has a question to answer. Is the pandemic process an awareness or a collapse for us? We are all Mr. Ahmet, Mr. Mehmet, Mrs. Feride, and Mrs. Aydan. We all have ups, downs, endings, beginnings, difficulties and eases in our lives. We are all in this world and we have a purpose for coming here. Our time is limited and there is so much to do. There may be fluctuations in our lives, we may experience sharp declines, we may see rapid rises. The main thing is to stand up when necessary with what we have learned from our experiences and continue to live. Hey, you, yes you, dear reader. Who are you, where are you, how old are you, most importantly how are you; I don’t know. Wherever you are, whoever you are, get up and collect yourself. You have so much to do for yourself and for the world.

Stay with love,

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