9 Facts to Know About Herbal Teas

In recent years, interest in plants has been increasing. Are these plants, which are mostly seen in slimming teas, as innocent as it seems? While we will benefit when we prepare the right plant in the ideal dose, under appropriate conditions and with the right method, there may be cases where mistakes can result in serious damage or even death. Here are the facts about these plants…

1. It is the dose that is toxic.

If we give an example of green tea, which is the most popular of the slimming teas; Thanks to the epigallocatechin gallate in its content, it increases the metabolic rate and can disturb people with hypertension and palpitations due to caffeine in excessive consumption. These people should not consume more than 1-2 cups of green tea. So it’s the quantity that matters. We should avoid excessive consumption.

2. Pay attention to the phrase one hundred percent natural!!

The 100 percent natural phrases on herbal teas do not indicate that they are completely harmless and safe. Do not forget that some harmful substances that are not included in the labels of these products may also be included.

3. Long-term consumption can create negative results.

The best known and most dangerous example is senna leaf tea. Senna, a tea frequently used in the treatment of constipation, can cause permanent damage to the intestines and tumors in the long term, if used for more than 3 weeks. A chronic laziness may occur in the intestines.

4. Remember that most of the slimming teas have a diuretic effect.

Most weight loss teas are diuretic. In other words, it causes the loss of water, water-soluble vitamins and minerals that we take into our bodies and need.

5. The synergistic effect of mixed slimming teas may not give positive results.

When you turn a plant with good efficacy alone into a tea mixed with other plants, the resulting mixture may be overly effective and may cause harm, suppress each other’s activities and show no benefit. For example, corn silk, heather leaf, cherry stem mixture is indispensable for slimming teas. Each of these is diuretic. When used together, they tire the kidneys and may cause mineral deficiency in the blood. It can also reduce the effect of the drug when taken with the drug.

6. Prepare in the right way.

There are basically 3 methods we use in preparing herbal tea. These are called infusion (brewing), decoction (boiling) and maceration (soaking). The way the tea is prepared can change the effect of some herbs. For example, the infusion of the root and rhizomes of spruce is diuretic, the decoction relieves urinary difficulty; The infusion of ipecac root has an expectorant effect, and its decoction has an antidiarrheal effect. This means that which preparation method we choose for which plant is very important for the effect we will get.

7. The right time is very important for the desired effect.

When we drink the herbal tea we have prepared can change the effect we will get. For example, linden, which we consume very often, shows itself with its sedative effect in the first 10 minutes after brewing. After 10-15 minutes, the breast softening effect is more dominant.

8. Get rid of the idea that the plant, which we use very often in daily life, is harmless.

If we give an example of the thyme spice that decorates our tables, although thyme tea is effective in urinary tract infections, digestive problems and upper respiratory tract infections under normal conditions, contrary to popular belief, it may have negative results in high blood pressure patients.

9. Don’t believe every advertisement.

Although it is prohibited, “It suppresses the feeling of hunger, helps to lose weight,” broadcast on television and the Internet. It facilitates digestion, helps to eliminate edema, burns excess fat in the body and eliminates toxins, helps you to lose weight healthily by balancing the alkaline level of your body and protecting you from various diseases with 17 kinds of plants in it.

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