8 Natural Ways to Reduce Salt

1. He should not consume more than a heaping teaspoon or a teaspoon of salt per day. Above this, salt consumption should definitely be reduced. And to prevent regional goiter disease, iodized salt should be preferred.

2. Used in ready-to-eat foods and usually included in the label of packaged foods; Take care to stay away from unhealthy packaged foods containing monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrate, sodium ascorbate and all sodium compounds. These foods cause hidden salt intake by increasing the salt and sodium content of the food.

3. Be careful not to add table salt during preparation and cooking, as there is sufficient sodium in the natural structure of foods. Instead of salt, you can dry the vegetables and pass them through a food processor, and add flavor to your food with spices.

4. You may not bring a salt shaker to the table where you eat, you can use spices instead of salt. You can try to stay away from salt by preparing a spice plate consisting of black pepper, nutmeg, turmeric, cumin, chili pepper and dried thyme.

5. You should not forget that sauces prepared for soy soy, ready-made ketchup, barbecue sauce, salsa sauce, mustard and all pasta contain a lot of salt. Chips from snacks, fruit-based bars, cereal-based bars, and popcorn are hidden sources of salt. It should not be forgotten that roasted and salt-added nuts, pickles, pickled olives, and canned foods contain high amounts of salt. You should include all these in the daily salt consumption calculation.

6. It should not be forgotten that our traditional foods prepared at home, pickles, tomato paste, leaf brine and canned food contain salt. For foods such as pickled olives and pickles, you must wash them in plenty of water and soak them in warm water for at least two hours.

7. You can make it a habit to read food labels. You can choose unsalted or low-salt, sodium-free or sodium-reduced products. When choosing mineral water, you can choose the ones that contain less than 200 mg sodium in a bottle, natural and unsweetened.

8. Using natural flavorings such as onion, garlic, lemon, vinegar, pepper instead of salt, and flavoring with natural monosodium glutamate-containing flavorings such as dried tomatoes and mushrooms are the best eating habits that will allow you to consume less salt and protect your taste buds.

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