5 Misconceptions About Hypertension

There are approximately 15 million hypertension patients in Turkey. However, only 5-6% of these patients can receive effective treatment. Hypertension, which means high blood pressure, can occur due to many reasons. Familial predisposition and excessive salt consumption are largely effective in this. However, in approximately 95% of patients, the cause of high blood pressure cannot be found exactly. From the Department of Cardiology, Ex. Dr. Cegergun Polat gave information about the well-known misconceptions about hypertension.

Damages blood vessels and internal organs

Hypertension is the pressure exerted on the vessel wall during the passage of blood through the vessel. This effect causes damage to the inner surface of the vessel in the long term. Occlusion, enlargement or rupture of the vessels feeding the organs may also occur due to high blood pressure. This can cause organ failure by disrupting the blood flow in the organs.

Many factors cause hypertension

Hypertension; It can occur with triggering factors such as thyroid diseases, adrenal gland tumors, narrowing of the vessels leading to the kidney, aortic stenosis, genetic disorders, obesity, excessive salt and alcohol. Medicines such as birth control pills and some types of pain relievers can also raise blood pressure. Although the cause cannot be determined in most of the patients, hypertension should be controlled and reduced to the ideal level of 12/8.

Regular use of medication is important

It is very important to take medications that control blood pressure levels and enable the patient to maintain a healthy life under the supervision of a doctor. It is important for the patient to inform the doctor about the side effects of the drugs in terms of the course of the treatment. Medicines should not be discontinued without the knowledge of the doctor, and the doctor should be consulted in case of any problem.

In addition to drug treatment of hypertension patients, lifestyle changes are also important in controlling and maintaining blood pressure levels. In order to achieve weight control, a healthy diet and diet should be done under the control of a specialist, movement and regular exercise should be made into a lifestyle, salt consumption should be minimized, smoking and alcohol should not be used, and necessary precautions should be taken for stress control.

Consider these recommendations during treatment…

  1. Garlic and lemon have no place in the treatment of hypertension. The patient should use their medications regularly and consume these foods within the rules of healthy nutrition.

  2. The belief that drugs used in the treatment of hypertension cause addiction is completely wrong. Hypertension treatment requires continuity. It is wrong to interpret this situation as “drugs are addictive”.

  3. Negative side effects of blood pressure lowering drugs on kidney and liver are negligible. Many organs, especially the kidney, are seen when high blood pressure is not treated with medication. It is life-threatening to abandon the treatment of hypertension for fear of a rare side effect that has not yet occurred.

  4. Hypertension is not a disease that completely disappears. Therefore, drugs should not be discontinued with the thought of “I am cured” using blood pressure control as an excuse, and drug treatment should be continued under the control of a doctor.

  5. It is also wrong to think that hypertension is a disease of advanced age in the society. Today, hypertension is a disease that affects young people for many reasons. Approximately 10-15% of adults between the ages of 20-30 and 30-40% of people over the age of 50 have hypertension.

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