5 frequently asked polar questions and answers

1. What to do for constipation?

Clients who start a diet may experience constipation problems. Omega 3 fatty acids gut

It helps prevent constipation by increasing mobility. Probiotic bacteria in our intestinal flora

They are beneficial bacteria and help to eliminate the problem of constipation. probiotic yogurts,

Kefir and some cheeses contain these bacteria. Unground flax into probiotic yogurts

Adding the seed can be used as an anti-constipation solution. In addition, their salads are oil-free.

Since consuming it in the same way may cause constipation in the long term, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to this effect.

You can eliminate the problem. Dry fruits and exercise also increase bowel movements.

should not be forgotten.

2. Does yogurt cure work?

This cure consisting of yoghurt, paprika and lemon juice started to become very popular. Contains Yoghurt

It helps to lose weight with calcium, chili pepper accelerates metabolism and lemon juice also helps.

With its diuretic effect, it helps to remove harmful substances from our body. Attention to portion

As long as it is okay to consume this cure, knowing that it does not have a direct effect on weight loss.


3. Will I ever get away with dieting?

When it comes to diet, everyone remembers the lists in which 1 matchbox of cheese is eaten, away from sweets. But

When the diet is planned individually, the calories to be taken are combined with the foods to be avoided.

possible to plan. Dark chocolate, milk desserts, ice creams can be added to the diet in moderate amounts.

It is necessary to curb one’s sweet crises. Foods such as hamburgers and pizzas are also consumed in moderate amounts.

can be added to the diet. However, these sweet-looking escapades made outside of this diet will cause you to lose weight.

returns. For this reason, you can make a nutrition plan by consulting your dietitian about the foods you cannot give up.

needs to be prepared.

4. I use olive oil as oil, can I reduce it?

The biggest mistake of most clients is to reduce olive oil because it is healthier than oil.

not think it should. Although olive oil is a heart-friendly omega 9 fat, which we call oleic acid.

Although it contains acid, the amount of consumption is very important. 1 teaspoon of oil is 45 kcal. on the salad

Assuming that you are drizzling it, you will have put at least 5-6 teaspoons of oil. For this reason, a small amount

Even the olive oil you add can cause you to gain weight. 1 dessert to 1 bowl of salad to consume in moderation

tablespoons of olive oil, and for vegetable dishes, it is sufficient to use 2 tablespoons per kilogram of vegetables.

5. How can I lose regional weight?

Unfortunately, there is no miracle so that I can eat a pear and my stomach will melt, let me eat a banana and my hip will melt.

Weight loss is observed all over the body in healthy eating and calorie-restricted diets. Genetic

Depending on the codes, the person may lose more weight from the belly or abdomen. But the main regional

together with a slimming healthy diet program, exercise suitable for melting the fat in that area

available through the program.

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