5 foods that elevate our mood

We are moving towards the winter months, leaving the rather hot and sweltering temperatures behind. Our appetite, which we lost in the sweltering heat of summer, has already started to come back. Not to mention the decrease in our immune system caused by unstable weather. With the length of the nights, the snacks eaten at home increased, and with the cold weather, “they say “to walk home in this beautiful weather” has already left its place to taxis or buses, right? So what should we do to strengthen our immune system and prevent weight gain in winter? Here are the hidden secrets of how to feed in the winter months.
During the winter months, when we wake up in the morning with cloudy, cloudy and rainy weather, we all feel depressed and sad when we see it getting dark on the way home from work.
5 nutrients that elevate our mood:
Spinach: The healthiest serotonin of the winter months. Thanks to the folic acid and magnesium it contains, spinach puts us in a positive mood by stimulating the secretion of the hormone of happiness and relaxation.
Dark chocolate: It is an undeniable fact that chocolate spreads happiness. At the same time, thanks to the theobromine it contains, it improves our mood and helps to keep us vigorous during the winter months. Just be careful that it is bitter and does not exceed 1-2 frames per day.
Purslane: Here is the omega3 feast for you. Thanks to the omega 3 purslane it contains, it relieves brain fatigue and also pulls you out of your depressive mood. You can consume it by making a salad with yogurt or cooking it with olive oil.
Pomegranate: This fruit, which is full of antioxidants, reduces stress due to its high vitamin C and brings positive mood. At the same time, it strengthens our metabolism by fighting free radicals and creates a shield against diseases. You can use it by sprinkling it on your salad in winter.
Instead of going out for a walk or going for a walk in the winter, we prefer to spend the weekends sitting at home with tea or coffee and watching TV series. In the meantime, we snack on whatever we can get our hands on. The foods that cause the alarm bells to ring are chips, biscuits, milk chocolate and sunflower seeds. Be careful, 100 grams of chips are 500 kcal, 100 grams of sugary biscuits are 450-500 kcal, 100 grams of sunflower seeds are 300-350 kcal. Since the sunflower seeds are not left to be eaten, more than 100 grams are consumed and it causes us to take more sodium than necessary due to its high calories and salt. Instead of these, 1 glass of warm milk you drink along with 2-3 dried apricots is only 180 kcal, and the satisfying effect of milk is not to mention. 1 portion of winter fruit consumed with 10 almonds brings only 105 kcal and plenty of omega3 and vitamins. Toast made with 2 finger-thick cheese between 2 thin slices of brown bread is only 210 kcal, and it is a healthy snack with the feeling of satiety brought by brown bread and the calcium taken from cheese. You can add a pinch of cinnamon to milk and yogurt to suppress your sweet cravings.
As for beverages, instead of carbonated drinks, hot herbal and fruit teas that turn cold weather into a heater and freshly squeezed fruit juices for those who do not have weight problems can be preferred. The metabolism can be strengthened by adding 1 teaspoon of honey, which is one of the best foods for colds, to a hot drink.

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