5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Constipation

Constipation, which is a common condition in society, unfortunately affects our daily life and social life negatively. Although digestive system disorders are closely related to nutrition, there are many factors that cause constipation. Going to the toilet 3 times a week or less or having difficulty defecating is defined as constipation. A sedentary lifestyle, stress, drug use, wrong eating habits can be the causes of constipation. So how do we deal with this situation?

1) Increase fluid consumption

Constipation begins when you lose 10% of the water in your body. Do not wait for the need to be thirsty to drink water, and consume at least 2-2.5 liters of water daily. Although the consumption of tea and coffee does not replace water, it increases the need for water. Water is one of the most essential factors for bowel movements.

2) Increase dietary fiber

The complex carbohydrate component of plant foods that is excreted without being digested is called pulp. Our daily fiber requirement is 25-30 grams. Legumes, grains, vegetables and fruits are sources of fiber. In order to avoid fiber loss, we recommend consuming the fruit itself with its peel, not the juice of the fruit. Foods such as banana, apple, quince, pasta, rice, potatoes and caffeinated beverages should be avoided during constipation. Preferences such as consuming whole grain breads instead of white bread, bulgur instead of rice will also help you increase the pulp. Include olive oil salads and vegetable dishes in your meals during the day.

3) Contact probiotic support

Your intestinal flora may be impaired for various reasons. In drug use, probiotic use is recommended, especially with antibiotics. In order to protect gut health, we need ‘probiotics’, which we call beneficial bacteria. Foods such as homemade yogurt, kefir, tarhana, pickles are probiotic. However, when it is considered for therapeutic purposes, we need to use probiotics as an external supplement. You can get support from a doctor, dietitian or pharmacist in this regard.

4) Do sports

In order to increase bowel movements, it will be good to spend 30-45 minutes a day for physical activity. Exercises such as walking, cycling and fitness are also necessary for our health and are the most important rule of overcoming constipation. Exercise and keep your metabolism active!

5) Reduce stress

Stress and psychological conditions are closely related to intestinal health. Our gut, which is now considered our second brain, is affected by mood. Therefore, we can say that solving the problems you are experiencing and feeling comfortable is another method of coping with constipation.

cure recipe for constipation

  • 1 dried fig

  • 1 prune

  • 1 dried apricot

  • 1 teaspoon olive oil

  • 1 teaspoon of flaxseed

All the ingredients are chopped and boiled in 1 tea glass of water. Add olive oil and flaxseed to it. The mixture is divided into two and consumed in the morning on an empty stomach with 1 glass of warm water.

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