4 Healthy Fats That Boost Immunity

The prerequisite for us to survive the pandemic in a healthy and fit way is to have a balanced diet with vitamins and minerals. In this way, we will strengthen our immune system and prevent unwanted changes in our body weight. ‘We can provide sufficient vitamins and minerals with vegetable, fruit and seed oils. Stating that flaxseed oil, black cumin oil, gum pumpkin seed oil and wheat germ oil are very useful in this context, Taşgın listed the benefits of these oils as follows:


Scientific research reveals that the richest source of Omega-3 is flaxseed oil. It is important to have a strong immune system, especially in the prevention of infectious diseases and in overcoming the disease. It has been demonstrated that the fatty acids in the omega-3 component have an immune-regulating and strengthening effect. It can be consumed by dripping 1-2 drops into water a day.

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Black seed oil, which improves lung functions, reduces coughing attacks in asthmatic patients and strengthens the immune system, is very effective in the treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases. The use of ground black cumin oil, on average, about 2 grams per day is beneficial. This oil can also be consumed by mixing it with yogurt.

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Pumpkin Seeds

Thanks to the Omega 3 and Omega 6 components in the content of gum pumpkin seed oil, which has many benefits from skin problems to the digestive system, it also strengthens our immune system and creates a strong protection shield against all diseases, especially infectious diseases. Pumpkin seed oil can be consumed as a dessert spoon during the day, or it can be consumed by mixing it with yogurt and similar foods.

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The part at the top of the wheat that allows the wheat to grow and multiply is the germ. The wheat germ contains protein, magnesium and minerals. Thanks to the protein, magnesium and minerals in its content, the germ, which makes us more energetic, also strengthens our immune system, thus minimizing our risk of catching all diseases, especially infectious diseases, as well as accelerating the treatment processes as much as possible. Germ can be consumed by adding 1 teaspoon to yogurt or milk. It can also be added to dough and used to make healthy cookies and bread.

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