3 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working

You did sports very consistently, you even ate healthy all the time, but you couldn’t lose weight. I think it’s the most annoying situation in the world. I understand you, it is a situation that demotivates as well as annoying. You know, this is one of the complaints I hear often. Processes that started well but did not yield results and ended in disappointment. You have tried all kinds of ways, but you cannot see any change in the scale. Also, you have a hard time knowing why.

Here are two categories for people experiencing this problem:

1- People who cannot lose weight no matter what they do

2- People who lost weight with diet for a while but then regained it all

You decide which of these categories you fall into. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are in the first or second category, but know that you are facing a health problem! In the face of this situation, make the necessary analyzes and know the situations that prevent you.

In order to lose weight, no matter what type of diet you eat, it is essential to combine it with consistent exercise! If you do this combination that I told you about, then it is possible to reach your weight loss goal in quick steps!

Are You Following Your Diet For Enough Time?

Let’s say you aim to lose weight and choose a diet that you think is suitable for you. You later lost a few pounds, but then your weight loss stopped. You decided that this diet was not suitable for you and switched to another diet plan, but again there was no weight loss. Then you decide again that this diet is not for you. So is diet really to blame? What if it’s your problem?

Please be honest with yourself and find the real problem! The problem is not the diet lists, you are! You ask why? Because; There is no miraculous diet that will instantly make you gain the weight you want. Losing weight is a long and grueling road. It also requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Think of it this way; You didn’t gain all the weight overnight did you? So how do you intend to give it overnight? Such a thing really shouldn’t be possible, should it?

The simplest and most effective way to do; choosing a diet plan that suits you and your life and proceeding that way. Stop wondering if there is a better diet list and focus on your own diet. Believe me, the diet planned for you is the best diet for you!

Are You Consuming Enough Calories?

This is definitely one of the biggest problems. Therefore, I recommend that you read more carefully what I wrote in this section. Most people think that they cannot lose weight because they eat too much and they believe that they will lose weight by eating less. Although this method is considered correct in some cases, calorie restriction does not work in the long run. When you reduce the calories you take; Since the body cannot reach enough calories to burn, it starts to burn fat and muscles. When you condemn your body to such a cycle; The body switches to survival mode with fewer calories. When this mode is turned on, the storage process begins for the continuity of the survival mode.

My solution suggestion; not to force yourself to starvation diets and to progress by keeping a food diary. Writing down what you eat will also be awareness for you. Thanks to this awareness, weight loss is achieved gradually. Conditions such as muscle loss are also prevented. It is considered more ideal to reduce the portions rather than cut the food completely. To lose weight without muscle loss in your diet, it is enough to aim to lose 1 kg per week!

Have you been dieting for a long time?

Most people who fail to lose weight have dieted for a long time and are now lost in these diets. Diets that went well in the beginning deteriorate towards the end. The main reason for this is uniformity. Uniformly implemented programs also begin to fail to make a positive contribution after a while. That’s the trouble. Thus, the weight loss now stops.

When you diet for a long time, the things you need change, just like the past times. In this case, your monotonous diet cannot adapt to your changing needs. Then your metabolism starts to slow down and your efficiency starts to decrease!

I think you should give your body some time and listen to it. For example, if you’ve been on a diet for 3-4 months and you can’t get over the eating crisis anymore, take a break. Sometimes taking a break helps re-motivate you on dieting. Going out of diet mode for a while and slowly consuming the foods you want prevents excessive calorie intake!

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