21 Day Rule

When you want to gain a habit or change a habit, there is a phrase you always hear from your surroundings: “If you endure for 21 days, it will pass!”

According to some of us, this sentence, which is no different from an urban legend, actually contains a serious science. For most people, this time may be seen as insufficient or unnecessary.

Whereas 21 days is quite enough time for the brain to accept something new or forget existing information.

In general, we make such radical decisions when dieting, starting sports, quitting smoking. Even the pain of love is included in it. Even suffering from love for more than 21 days is actually a trick of your brain on you…

For 1 day we focus on a personal goal. After three weeks, the pursuit of that goal becomes a habit. Once you get into this habit, if you can keep doing it for another 90 days, three weeks and then 90 days, then it becomes a permanent lifestyle change.

As you know, getting used to something and gaining a habit is a situation that occurs in our minds in 20 days. When you do the same action for 20 days, you will become a habit on the 21st day.

Imagine. When you first get your license, we constantly think about looking left and right, giving a signal, turning on the headlights, changing the gear and the location of the pedals. After a certain period of time we start to drive, our brain connects it to automatic.

In your personal development journey, it would be appropriate to give your subconscious a period of time. During this time, your subconscious mind will mature. There is only one rule that you should never forget here; For 21 days, you have to do what you want on a regular basis every day without any interruption.

As habits are built over and over, your mind and muscles begin to memorize something that is repeated. We don’t think about brushing our teeth, walking or tying our shoes, do we?

Attempts to change habits using only willpower only work for a short time. Then the old habits are returned; because when the conscious and the unconscious clash, it is always the unconscious that wins.

You may consciously want to quit smoking, but as long as there is a positive record about smoking in your subconscious, even if you quit smoking for a while by using your will, you will start again after a while.

Do not forget that; You can’t change a habit by trying to get rid of it. But you can create a new habit. It is more difficult to destroy bad habits than to learn something new. That’s why you should not give up and get support from your loved ones if necessary. Most other things can take five minutes when you do the hard. The pleasure of focusing on the goal and achieving victory will be another.

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