2014 aesthetic trends

Fashion trends do not only direct new collections, but also the scalpels of plastic surgeons. While what used to be beautiful is considered ordinary today, the new understanding of beauty also fits the trends.

For you, beauty starts from the nose or lips, while for someone else, it can start from the body. While you do not like yourself at all, someone else can say that you are very beautiful. Therefore, the concept of beauty is constantly changing. Along with this concept, aesthetic trends are constantly changing. New methods and new applications are trying to get women into the shape they want in the easiest and fastest way. In these days when we enter a new year, if you want to stay old and talk about new trends. You should listen to the information.

Non-surgical options are preferred

In addition to the surgical options, patients have now turned to how they can rejuvenate without surgery. For this reason, medicine is working on non-surgical methods. Accordingly, laser technologies and radio frequency technologies have developed. For example, although we prefer facelift as plastic surgeons, laser facial rejuvenation methods are among the ones that will be preferred this year, even though they do not have the full effect of facelift surgery. Of course, it does not create a tense expression as much as surgery, but it provides some tension on the face and at the same time, it can create a youthful look. It is an easier method than surgery, and therefore it can provide convenience to patients.

fat injections

A method that we have heard about for the last few years, but is now used almost as much as botox, is stem cell-enriched fat injections. Previously, it was known that the stem cell is in the bone marrow, but now it is known that it is more in the fat cell. That’s why facial rejuvenation by injection of concentrated fat from stem cells is very popular. Before the stem cell can be applied, that fat must be removed from the area with excess fat by liposuction. 50 percent of the fat taken from the hip area or abdomen is reserved for the cell, and 50 percent is the person’s own fat. After being separated from its cells, the fat taken is given to the body in the form of filling. Fat injection not only keeps the fat in all cells, but also helps that cell rejuvenate.

In addition, radiofrequency technology is also very popular. This method helps to increase the collagen, the building block of the skin, by heating the subcutaneous tissue, thus increasing the elasticity of the skin and creating a tighter and more vibrant skin. PRP, which is the method of separating smart cells from your own blood and applying it to the skin, is also very popular. This method aims to create a brighter skin appearance by increasing the collagen in the skin. PRP, which can also be applied for hair, can be preferred for thin, difficult-to-grow hair, especially if there is shedding.

Eyebrows come first

Since thin eyebrows were in fashion at one time, everyone had their eyebrows made thinner, but this year thick eyebrows are very fashionable. Accordingly, the method of eyebrow thickening with tattooing is highly preferred. However, if the tattoo is done poorly, a worse image may appear. The most natural way to thicken eyebrows is now eyebrow transplantation. This procedure is done like a hair transplant. Roots are taken from your own hair and transplanted into the eyebrows. It takes about 2 hours and is done by taking hair follicles one by one from the nape. It is also available in the form of a band. These hair follicles are then separated. The eyebrow area is drawn in any way desired. The thing to pay attention to in this process is the direction of the eyebrows. If the eyebrows are sewn crookedly, they can grow crooked. That’s why it’s so important to plant in the right direction. Since the eyebrows act as hair follicles, they reach the desired length within 6 months. In fact, since it has hair characteristics, it can continue to grow afterward. In this case, you may need to cut the eyebrows for a while. Since the tissues try to adapt to the characteristics of the place where they are placed, the hair follicles start to act like eyebrows there and the elongation stops and remains at a certain length in a few years. The same can be done for eyelashes. In particular, there are patients who suffer from glued eyelashes. While removing the eyelashes, they can also damage their own eyelashes with the adhesive. After eyebrow transplantation, the image is not bad. Moisturizing antibiotic creams are applied for a few days, and after a week, the patient fully recovers.

Botox is still on the agenda

Almond eyes can be made with Botox. When Botox is applied, the eyebrows are raised to a certain level so that a more slanting expression can be created in the eye. Suspension techniques can also be used for almond eyes. The tail of the eyebrow is lifted upwards. The corner of the eye can be pulled a little. The purpose of the suspension technique is to create tension without leaving a trace. In this technique, the hair is entered and the method is applied with the help of a needle like a quilt needle through a very small hole. The thing that carries the tissue is thought to be this thread. However, the rope only serves as a plaster, because a melting rope is used in the hanging technique. With this method applied to have almond eyes, wrinkles are also removed. Its effect lasts for 2 or 3 years.

Cheekbones are prominent

High cheekbones is also a very desired trend, but the number of patients who are afraid of it is very high. It is necessary to distribute the filler with very small injections along the border of detention. Because when the cheekbones are exaggerated, an ugly appearance can occur. A new filling method called light filling can also be applied for cheekbones. Applying silicone is an old trend. In addition, a silicone foreign body can be displaced and visible under the skin.

Angular faces attract attention

The 2014 trend is angular faces. For this, the chin contour is desired to be more angled and more pronounced. Now patients come to make my chin a little more prominent. Sharp lines are required. The ideal for the face is actually a triangular face. A downward pointed face is popular. However, this trend may not suit everyone. For those with rounded facial features, making the chin slightly pointed can lengthen the face a little. Neither will a long face because then the face looks longer. Fat injection can be applied to the desired chin. Silicone prosthesis can also be used. The prosthesis is hidden on the bone in the jaw and is not visible. A method called Nefertiti can also be used to create the chin contour. Botox is used in the neck area for this method. When botox is applied to the muscles of patients who have no neck, those contours may appear.


Lip fullness is always in fashion. Fillers are preferred a lot because after the filling, there may be a first regret. Sometimes the lips may not be liked when swollen and edematous. If the filling remains for six months and you get used to it, then you need to have an oil injection. Because fat injection is permanent and there is no return.

natural boobs

The beautiful chest is a drop-shaped chest. It should have a slightly curved stroke from the top and be full towards the bottom. It should be upright, nipples facing forward. Too many side-facing nipples or inward-facing nipples are not preferred. One of the trends is that the breasts are very close to each other. Trends in breasts change a lot. In general, the small breast fashion continued for a long time, but it is the big breast that has been in fashion abroad for a long time. Big breasts are still more popular in Turkey. As an alternative method for breast, stem cell fat injections can be applied. If silicone is absolutely not desired, if the body structure is suitable, the breast can be enlarged with the stem cell fat injection taken from the patient. Fat can be taken from another part of the body. If there is excess fat in the hip or abdomen, the patient will have surgery in two areas. It both gets rid of the fat in the excess area and is injected into the back of the breast, not into the breast.

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