13 tips for people with depression

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1- Do sports. Studies show that small exercises of 20 minutes a day are very effective in the secretion of endorphins in the body.

2-Take care of a balanced diet. Consume foods containing especially B vitamins, folic acid, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids (fish, walnut, flaxseed, etc.), iodine, iron, selenium, zinc.

3- Be aware of your negative thoughts. Our past lives shape our perspective and thoughts on life. So how do I look at things and how realistic is this point of view? Ask your own questions. First of all, create a thought diary for yourself.

4-Stop blaming yourself. Whatever happened, see the events you experienced as an opportunity, not a crisis. How do I learn from this situation? Ask yourself the question. Nietzsche’s “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” Make your sentence a philosophy of life.

5-Spend 15 minutes a day doing muscle relaxation and breathing exercises. When you release the tension in your body, you will notice that you also relax mentally.

6-Forgive me. If you have hurt, resentment or anger in the past, forgive these people. If you think forgiveness is a difficult thing, first think about what forgiveness is. Remember that forgiveness is not about approving, giving rights to, or reconciling with the other party, but only preventing the anger you hold inside from harming you and putting the responsibility on the other party.

7-Don’t get stuck in the past. If a person lives in the past, he is depressed, if he lives in the future, he is anxious, if he lives now, he is happy. The past is in the past, it doesn’t change no matter how hard you think, but you can determine your future by making good use of the present and enjoying it.

8-Think positive. There are many things that are going well in your life, make a list of them and reflect on that list, how would you feel if you didn’t have these things (like health)?

9-Drink lots of water, get sunlight

10-Get a hobby. If producing and doing something is especially for yourself, it will be a good opportunity for you to hold on to life and you will start enjoying life.

11-Get social. Do not isolate yourself from life. Try to be with the people you love. Call an old friend. Make new friends.

Create 12-Chek lists. List your daily and weekly to-dos and highlight with a highlighter as you do it. You will feel better as you see your capacity to do and succeed.

13-Stay away from people or places that take your energy. Change your environment if necessary.

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