13 misconceptions in plastic surgery

Myth: Removal of moles triggers the formation of cancer.

The truth: Removal of body moles that create risk factors by an experienced and expert surgeon saves the person from many problems that he may experience in the future.

Myth: Caesarean section and tummy tuck operation can be performed together.

Fact: It is not appropriate to carry out these two operations at the same time. Waiting at least 6 months for the abdominal region to recover and take its final shape after birth will be a more accurate timing for abdominoplasty.

False: Liposuction cannot be applied to diabetics.

The truth: Diabetes patients are the group that benefits most from these surgeries. In the United States, liposuction is used in the treatment of diabetes. Patients with weight-related blood pressure can also have liposuction.

Myth: Plastic surgeries are only performed in winter.

The truth: Aesthetic operations are surgeries that can be performed in all seasons. However, there is an important point to be considered after the operations performed in the summer. This is the necessity of protecting the area where plastic surgery and stitches are made from the sun. For this, high protection factor sunscreens, hats and umbrellas can be used.

Wrong: You can lose weight in a short way with “Liposuction”.

The truth: “Liposuction” is a method used to shape the body, not to lose weight. In areas that do not weaken despite sports and diet, this method is used if there is a weight gain or obesity.

Myth: Botox is snake venom; can damage.

East: Botox is not snake venom. It is a substance obtained in vitro from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. By blocking the transmission of the stimulus from the nerves to the muscles, it allows the muscles to relax. It is especially effective on facial expression lines. Extremely successful results are obtained in the treatment of skin wrinkles and excessive sweating with botox (botolinum toxin type A) applied in appropriate doses.

Wrong: Wrinkles with Botox will look worse than before if they do not recur when the effect of the drug wears off.

Fact: This judgment is not correct. The person may think that the area is worse than before, as he is very used to his Botox look and does not remember his old state. However, the area where botox is applied never creates a worse appearance than before.

Myth: Eyelid aesthetics harms the eyes

The truth: Eyelid aesthetics is an important operation to eliminate the effects of aging or to eliminate the problem of low eyelids. This surgery does not harm the eye. On the contrary, visual difficulties caused by the eyelids, which occur in many patients at advanced age, can be prevented by this operation.

Myth: The tip of the nose may fall after plastic surgery

The truth: This is not the case in a properly performed nose surgery.

False: Nasal pads placed in nasal surgeries cause pain to the patient.

Fact: Today, nasal tampons made of gauze are not used as they were years ago. After today’s nose surgeries, tiny silicone structures with an airway inside are used, which are made of soft materials and do not hurt when taken. Our patients can breathe easily through the nose until the postoperative silicone stents are removed. Sometimes these silicones may not even need to be applied.

Wrong: If the surgical sutures are placed by plastic surgeons, there will be no scars on the skin.

The truth: If a place is injured or cut and stitched, there will always be a scar. Plastic surgeons have the necessary equipment to hide the scar and make it less obvious in surgeries; however, it is not possible to completely remove the traces.

Myth: It is not possible to breastfeed after breast augmentation.

Fact: The outermost layer of the breast is the skin. Beneath it is the subcutaneous adipose tissue and the mammary glands of the breast. Beneath the mammary glands are the muscle tissue, and under it are the ribs. The breast implant can be placed in two places: behind the mammary glands, in front of the muscle tissue, or behind the muscle tissue in front of the ribs. In both locations, the milk ducts between the mammary gland and the nipple are not damaged. It does not interfere with breastfeeding.

Myth: Cellulite cannot be treated with liposuction.

The truth: Liposuction reduces and helps treat cellulite. Thanks to the special techniques developed, indentations can be treated, roughnesses are shaved and satisfactory results are achieved. Liposuction reduces the thickness of the increased adipose tissue and ensures that it becomes homogeneous. The quality of homogeneity to be achieved depends on the skill of the surgeon’s fingers. Liposuction helps to increase the circulation of carrier fibers and subcutaneous tissue. It allows the skin and gold to breathe again, to look dynamic and alive. Skin tightening is observed thanks to the collagen organization provided by liposuction while the wound surfaces created under the skin are healing. It should never be forgotten that the magic fingers of the surgeon will not be enough to protect the positive result obtained. In order to maintain a successful result, sports, balanced nutrition and life dynamics should be supported positively.

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