13 Important Criteria Against Allergy

September and October, like April and May, are the months to be careful for allergies. Nasal congestion, runny nose and itching in the nose, watering of the eyes, itching and redness are typical signs of an allergic reaction. Sneezing and tickling cough may also accompany these findings.

Decreased sense of smell and taste, itching of the throat, palate and ear can also be seen frequently.

These allergic complaints can be confused with respiratory tract infections due to sudden changes in air temperature and the presence of epidemic viral infections.

Allergy is a genetic disease, activated by environmental factors. Our immune system protects us from microbial agents and harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses. However, the immune system of allergic patients is sensitive to some substances that are not normally harmful. These substances are called allergens. Pollen, mold, house dust and animal dander are the most common allergens.

Allergens accumulate in the air by sticking to our nose, eyes and throat. Later, an allergic reaction and related symptoms occur. Acıbadem Bursa Hospital Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Dr. Şenol ACAR talked about the ways of protection from allergens, which are more common in autumn; made important suggestions and warnings.

Do not be outside in windy weather

Do not go out if it is not necessary in the morning when the pollen is heavy, in dry and windy weather. Pollen density decreases after rain and in the evening hours.

Take a shower as soon as you come from outside

Take off your clothes as soon as you get home, as pollen can be carried into the house with hair and clothes.

Make sure to take a shower afterwards. Dry your laundry at home, not on the balcony if possible.

Use mask and sunglasses

You can use masks and sunglasses to protect yourself from allergens flying in the air.

Adhering allergens can cause allergic infections.

Pay attention to fragrances and essences

Fragrances, deodorants, room and car fragrances, and scents such as incense also increase allergies. Detergent and softener

In the selection of odorless, unscented ones should be preferred.

Renew your air conditioner filters

Change the pollen filters of air conditioners used in homes and vehicles every year.

Do not lie in grassy areas with fallen leaves

Cut grass and leaves from trees, pollen and dust can trigger allergies.

Do not smoke, stay away from smoking places

Cigarette smoke stimulates the nasal concha, resulting in nasal congestion and nasal discharge such as clear water from the nose.

This discharge may involuntarily drip from your nose.

Do not sleep in the same room as your pet

Feathers and particles on pets such as cats, dogs and birds mix into the air and you

It can even cause shortness of breath during sleep.

No live flowers in the room you sleep in

Pollen in flowers can cause your sleep to be disturbed at night and cause tiredness and perception during the day.

Perception and concentration disorders, especially in children, can affect their school success.

Do not have hairy carpets and curtains in your home

Simpler, lint-free carpets and roller blinds are recommended, avoiding shaggy carpets and curtains that can trap house dust mites.

Children should not sleep with plush toys

It is recommended that children do not stay in the room where they sleep, as plush toys may also contain dust mites.

Wash your pillows and sheets often

Take care to wash your pillows and sheets frequently and change them regularly. Be careful not to go to bed with the clothes you wear during the day.

Our immune system must be strong

Balanced diet, regular sleep and plenty of water keep our immune system strong. Foods containing vitamins A, B, C and E should be consumed.

Finally, Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Dr. Şenol ACAR recommends not neglecting regular doctor checks and using the medicines prescribed by your doctor regularly.

He also underlines that if there are serious allergic symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, shortness of breath and difficulty in swallowing, it is necessary to apply to the nearest health institution quickly.

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