12 Tips to Keep Relationships Strong in Quarantine

Trauma; They are events that occur suddenly and unexpectedly that cause the disruption of the daily routine of the person and cause anxiety and panic in the person. During the coronavirus process, it occurred as an event that had a traumatic effect all over the world.

The uncertainty of the coronavirus, its inability to control it, and the inability to know from whom and how it could be transmitted, caused people to suddenly separate from their daily routines and spend the social isolation process at home. Not leaving the house unless it was necessary and being at home all day started to affect the relationships.

12 suggestions to see these days as an opportunity instead of a crisis and to strengthen relations without wearing out relations during the quarantine

  • Spend time alone. Get to know each other

Being together constantly during the quarantine will bring discussions after a while. In this process, find space for yourself and your partner, listen to yourself and spend time alone, find something to occupy yourself at certain times of the day and invest in your hobbies and personal development.

  • Boundaries matter

It is important that every person has their own boundaries and space, even if you are married, lover or the person in front of you is your child. Interfering with the boundaries of the other person both creates a feeling of discomfort and creates a feeling of being controlled. Therefore, it is important for a healthy relationship to protect your own boundaries and not to interfere with the boundaries and personal space of the other person.

  • Change the way you solve problems

If the conversations are constantly turning into arguments, it is useful to change the way you solve current problems. Keep in mind that if the language you use, the way you handle the problem, and your attitude change, the way you solve problems will also change.


  • Increase communication

Although being together in the same house for a long time brings difficulties, it is very important to see this as an opportunity. In this process, it will be very useful to be able to chat at certain intervals of the day and to spend time with each other. Many couples say that they know very little about each other even if they have been together for many years, in this process, getting to know your partner better, producing activities that you can do together, spending time together will increase your relationship quality.

  • continue with routines

Be careful not to break the routines from the past. Take care to eat, sleep or continue the work that needs to be done in your old routine at the same times.

  • Pay attention to the other person’s feelings

Consider your partner’s feelings. Maybe you are going through this process more easily, but your partner may be going through the corona process more anxiously. In this process, try to understand your feelings by staying away from discourses such as “don’t exaggerate that much”, “don’t be so worried”, and try to understand what you are going through, such as “what is worrying you?”, “how can I help you”. It should not be forgotten that; each person’s approach to life, the meaning they bring from their past and the meaning they give to events can be different. Trying to understand how your partner feels instead of blaming him for not acting like you or turning the situation into an argument will be one of the factors that will strengthen your relationship.

  • express your feelings

Many people hesitate to express their feelings in this process, but the existing anxiety and fear do not disappear. The coronavirus has also caused an increase in anxiety symptoms that many people have. Expressing your feelings to your partner instead of letting go of your experiences in this process; It is important to explain your feelings of anxiety, fear, panic, to be understood and to express your feelings and to know how you feel on the other side.

  • Empathy over criticism

When there is a problem; Especially in corona days, the placement of grocery shopping, criticisms about infecting the virus from clothes coming from outside, or hitting the other party’s face about the problems related to the house because of being at home all the time can put the criticized person in a negative mood. It is the easiest way to criticize the person in front of you, in this way, the person does not take responsibility and empties the existing anger to the other side, but things go wrong for the other party. Instead of criticizing, it is important to put yourself in the other person’s place and give feedback by empathizing.

  • accept the differences

Every person is as unique and different as a fingerprint. Everyone’s reaction to events is very different. Don’t expect your partner to act like you or force your partner to act like you. Accept that there may be different opinions and that thought may be the truth of that person.

  • Create indoor events

Try to produce activities to do together, such as playing games, watching movies, preparing meals together, etc. Making good use of the time spent together and spending time together are the most important factors that increase the quality of the relationship.

  • Don’t try to read your partner’s mind

Everyone’s reactions to events are very different from each other, but usually people read the mind of the other person and think that their inner thought is the thought of their partner and take the wrong step. Therefore, instead of reading the mind of the other person, share the question that comes to your mind with your partner.

  • Your partner may not want sex

Coronavirus is a virus that requires attention to personal hygiene and maintaining social distance, and the worst possibility is that you can be infected without symptoms. That’s why some people ask, “Do I have a virus? If I’m asymptomatic, will I infect my partner?” Sexual intimacy may be undesirable due to concerns such as Don’t make it personal and feel rejected like “my wife doesn’t want me”. Note that this process is temporary.

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