10 Things That Expectant Mothers Should Know Before Pregnancy

  1. When you decide to have a baby, share it with your gynecologist as soon as possible. Make sure to have your general gynecological control, it will relax you to hear that you are ready for motherhood.

  1. Have a general health checkup. Learning about any of your health problems while pregnant may mean sharing this problem with our baby. Thyroid problem, anemia, some infections can cause serious problems for pregnancy, but they can be corrected very easily before pregnancy.

  1. According to your test results, you should not use any medication other than those recommended by your doctor. Even vitamins can be harmful without proper dose selection.

  1. Alcohol and smoking are harmful not only during pregnancy but also in the pre-pregnancy period. Smoking negatively affects the sperm, egg, embryo and even the environment in which it will settle.

  1. Drink three liters of water daily. From the moment pregnancy begins, your doctor will always ask you to drink a lot of water, it is easier to get used to it before pregnancy.

  1. Get used to eating like pregnant already. Consume plenty of milk and dairy products. Fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs, legumes and unprocessed nuts are very valuable foods.

  1. Don’t try to lose weight. It is not important how many pounds you get pregnant, but how many pounds you gain during pregnancy, just focus on good nutrition.

  1. If your life plan seems to be a tiring and stressful period such as big changes related to your job, long consecutive trips, major renovations at home, try not to coincide with the first one or two months of your pregnancy. Even if there are unexpected surprises (which they often do), don’t be afraid, you and your doctor will always be able to find a solution.

  1. Even for a young and healthy couple planning a pregnancy, the time until conception can sometimes take up to 1 year. If you don’t get pregnant right away after stopping protection, keep trying without stress.

  1. Prepare yourself spiritually for pregnancy with positive emotions. Be happy that you have such a beautiful family bond that you want to have a child, rejoice in your togetherness.

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