“10 questions and 10 minutes” ear aesthetics


1. Ear deformities may be congenital, but they are most common after a trauma in young people and after cancer in the elderly.

2. Congenital and most common ear deformities; Microtia (partial or complete absence of ear) and prominent ear (Prominent Ear).

3. Prominent ear deformity can be corrected by applying tape or splint to the soft, malleable ear cartilages of babies born with prominent ears in the first 3-4 months after birth, thanks to the estrogen hormone they receive from the mother.

4. Prominent ear correction surgeries are performed around the age of 4, when the child enters social environments (preschool, nursery, etc.), or around the age of 5, when he will gain 85% of the adult ear size.

5. In order to avoid complications after these correction operations, the application should be performed by a plastic surgeon. The best results are achieved with expertise, respect for texture and high experience.

6. For adults, local anesthesia is sufficient for the application, and 2 ear operations take approximately 1 hour.

7. The most preferred entry site for cartilage shaping is the back of the ear, where the scar will be hidden, and it is essential to give the cartilage adequate and appropriate shape so that the process can meet permanent and aesthetic expectations.

8. Bleeding is very little in prominent ear surgeries, and the time off from work is 1-2 days. After the surgery, it is requested to use a bandana for 2 days for mild suppression.

9. Techniques such as suspension and rope are not preferred for guaranteed permanent and sufficient fixes. All other “short-term” techniques, which do not reshape the cartilage, which is the cause of the problem, carry a high risk of reverting the ear to its original shape with inadequate results.

10. Along with prominent ear operations, we can also intervene in the anterior or larger earlobe, if any, and the cartilage protrusions in the ear arch.

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