10 golden rules for a healthy life

Healthy life is not luck, unhealthy life is not destiny or genetics. A healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle form the basis of protection from diseases and leading a quality life. Achieving this is not possible by adhering to diet lists or doing heavy and long-term sports. You can open the doors of a healthier life with the tricks you will add to your lifestyle.

Step 1 Take Action

The first rule of a healthy life is a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Especially those who sit for a long time, housewives and elderly individuals lead a sedentary life. The World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Regular walking for half an hour every day at a moderate pace will help you lead a healthy life. With regular walks, both activate your metabolism and protect your muscle and bone health.

Step 2. Consume Water

Adult individuals should consume at least 1.5-2 liters of water regularly every day. Problems such as feeling tired, headache and dizziness, dry skin, constipation are observed in insufficient water consumption. You can easily understand whether your water consumption is sufficient or insufficient by checking your urine. If your urine turns dark, you should increase your water consumption immediately.

3.Step Season Fruits and Vegetables on Your Table

Fruits and vegetables consumed in the season strengthen our immune system and protect us from all diseases. It delays cell aging and thus enables us to age later. In these days when we enter the winter season, winter fruits rich in vitamin C show strong antioxidant properties and protect our body against viruses. The World Health Organization says that consuming at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits is beneficial for health.

Step 4. Increase Your Pulp Consumption

The fiber we take with the foods we consume daily; It reduces the risk of colon cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. Fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grain products meet our daily fiber requirement. In order to provide the amount of fiber we need daily, we should increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, consume the fruits that can be consumed with their skins without peeling, take care to eat salad at every meal, choose meals made with legumes or soups 2 days a week, and increase the consumption of whole grain products instead of processed grains. .

Step 5 Practice Correct Cooking Methods

In order for us to get the vitamins and minerals in the foods at the maximum level, the meals should be cooked with the appropriate methods. It is in our hands to make beneficial foods harmful with wrong cooking methods. Especially with the method of frying and roasting, there is a high loss of nutrients in foods. The healthiest cooking methods are boiling, steaming, steaming, baking and grilling.

Step 6 Pay Attention to Your Salt Consumption

Daily salt consumption should not exceed 5 grams (1 teaspoon). Excessive consumption of salt increases the risk of hypertension and increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. With increased salt consumption, edema occurs in the body and this causes the number you see on the scale to increase. In addition, excessive salt consumption is not recommended for eye and kidney health. You can try flavoring your meals with various spices instead of salt.

Step 7. Get Rid of Your Excess Weight

Obesity is an increasing health problem. With the increasing fat mass in your body, your body opens its doors to diseases. Overweight individuals have an increased risk of developing insulin resistance, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer types, respiratory diseases, hormonal diseases, musculoskeletal system diseases and sleep problems. Obesity is a health problem that needs to be treated with the help of a professional. Changes in eating habits, increase in physical activity and lifestyle changes form the basis of treatment.

Step 8 Quit Your Bad Habits

Smoking is an important public health problem in the world and in our country. It has a high risk of addiction due to its high content of nicotine. Every 10 seconds, 1 person dies due to smoking. Alcohol addiction, on the other hand, increases the risk of developing digestive system cancers and causes heart diseases. Removing these addictive bad habits from our lives is an indispensable part of a healthy life.

Step 9 Create Your Sleep Pattern

Everyone has a biological clock in their body. This clock works together with our body’s hormonal system. With the deterioration of the biological clock, our body becomes vulnerable to diseases and it is in our hands to ensure its healthy functioning. Being exposed to phone or computer light while sleeping, sleeping with the television light or night light on, and eating something at night disrupt our body’s biological clock. Our bodies want to rest in complete darkness at night. For this reason, the room we sleep in should have the appropriate amount of heat, sound and light. A person should sleep at least 7 hours a day for a healthy sleep.

Step 10 Think Positive

One of the most important causes of diseases is stress. Anyone who wants to live a healthy and long life has to remove stress from their lives. An individual who wants to beautify his life must first learn to think positively. The easiest way to achieve this is to often think about the things that make you happy. Remember, if we give more space to positive thinking in our lives, a healthier life will be waiting for us.

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