10 Foods You Shouldn’t Consume During Pregnancy

1. Raw or undercooked eggs: Contains bacteria called Salmonella, which causes various intestinal infections. This type of bacteria causes discomfort that results in abdominal pain and diarrhea, especially in pregnant people. It also causes food poisoning.

2. Raw or undercooked meat: There is a risk of toxoplasmosis infection in undercooked or raw meat. Toxoplasma can cause miscarriage and birth defects, developmental problems in the baby. Meat and chicken should be cooked until no pink remains. You should also stay away from meats such as salami, sausage, bacon.

3. Unpasteurized or moldy cheeses: Since these cheeses may contain a bacteria called listeria, they are one of the foods that pregnant women should avoid. Bacteria found in unpasteurized soft cheeses or some homemade cheeses; can lead to premature birth, miscarriage and birth defects. All kinds of white cheese and cheddar cheese made from pasteurized milk are an excellent source of calcium for pregnant women and should be eaten frequently.

4. Chips and fries: Foods such as french fries and potato chips contain acrylamide, which has been found to cause cancer. This can damage the baby’s nervous system. But excluding french fries, chips or baked potatoes, potatoes also have very healthy effects for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

5. Alcoholic beverages: Although some doctors allow half a glass of red wine a day; In general, alcohol use during pregnancy can have very serious consequences, so it is definitely not recommended.

6. Herbal teas: While herbal teas are healing when used consciously, they can bring more harm than good when consumed randomly. Aloe vera, basil, thyme, sage, mother-of-pearl, ginseng and dozens of other herbs can initiate uterine contractions and labor pains or cause birth anomalies in your baby. Linden and fennel are herbal teas that can be drunk. Green tea is not recommended during pregnancy because of its high caffeine content.

7. Coffee: Coffee time, which is one of the most enjoyable moments of the day, is somewhat suspended during pregnancy! Frequent consumption of caffeine is not recommended during pregnancy. The total caffeine intake per day by pregnant women should not exceed 2 glasses; The use of coffee or green tea should be adjusted accordingly. Caffeine can increase contractions and cause insomnia.

8. All kinds of foods containing excess sugar: Sweet bakery products; Foods containing excessive sugar such as cakes, cookies and jam and marmalade are harmful during pregnancy. In addition, packaged ready-to-eat foods should be avoided. While 3-4 servings of fruit are recommended during pregnancy, 1 dessert spoon of jam = 1 fruit can be considered and eaten by planning accordingly. In particular, honey can mix directly with the blood and disrupt blood sugar regulation. For this reason, it is not particularly recommended for hypoglycemic mothers. Soy sauce etc. You should not use the products during pregnancy. Because it contains genetically modified enzymes, it can harm your health and your baby’s health.

9. All kinds of offal and raw fish: You should definitely stay away from offal! They are the foods most susceptible to bacteria. You have to say goodbye to kokoreç, sushi, brains and the like during pregnancy! Liver is an offal that contains high amounts of vitamin A. For this reason, liver is never recommended for pregnant women. Shellfish; It is recommended that raw and undercooked shellfish such as mussels, oysters and shrimp should not be eaten during pregnancy. Raw seafood can also cause poisoning and infection due to salmonella.

10. Well-washed vegetables: In fact, we should wash our vegetables well not only during pregnancy but in every period of our lives. During pregnancy, it is necessary to soak your vegetables in vinegar water and wash them. Bacteria in poorly washed vegetables can create dangerous situations during pregnancy.

Isn’t it hard to give up the taste and these delicious sweet foods? I wish you to get through this period of self-sacrifice in the best way possible…

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