“10 e rule” in hair transplantation


one.Transplantation is a physician job, it should be done by an experienced team under the leadership of a plastic surgeon.

2. October; should be performed in a hygienic, sterile and safe operating room environment.

3. Before October; systemic, hormonal and regional scalp examination of the patient should be completed.

4.Transplantation should be done with local anesthesia and “painless” with maximum comfort and hygiene for the patient.

5.The “experience” of the planting team is essential for the transplantation results to give natural and aesthetically acceptable results.

6.The healthy completion of the transplantation process depends on the close and careful cooperation of the patient and the doctor.

7.It should be well known that some unforeseen complications or hair loss may be encountered during the post-transplantation process.

8.Factors affecting the outcome of transplantation are the patient’s smoking or some underlying diseases (Severe anemia, Low immunity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, etc.), as well as hair thickness, color, density, head shape and hair loss type.

9. The most ideal hair transplant; It is a personalized transplant performed by a plastic surgeon in a sterile hospital environment, with natural results, painless, seamless, incision-free, and completed in a short time (return to work time does not exceed 3 days).

10.It is the minimum expected result that the transplanted hair will be “permanent” and “guaranteed”.

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